In June, we are preparing 3 special events with Braxas for you, namely 2 all-day workshops and one jam.

Workshop – Bulding a Session

Sunday 11.6. (11:00-18:30)

This workshop will give you the tools, and the know-how, to build your session from the ground up. You will learn how to evoke certain emotions by applying basic techniques in a variety of ways…

Workshop – Breaking Aesthetics

Saturday 17.6. (11:00-18:30)

We often focus on creating a perfect shape, but in this workshop we will turn this idea on its head and use every possibility to deform a shape and make our partners look and feel fucked up…

JAM with Nëya and Braxas

Saturday 17.6. (19:00-23:00)

Let’s enjoy jam together! Meet new people, get inspiration, watch but most importantly: have fun…