Breaking Aesthetics

Saturday 17.6. (11:00-18:30)

Teachers: Braxas a Nëya

Often, we will focus on creating the perfect shape, and by following an exact series of steps we can do that. In this workshop we will turn this idea on its head and use every possibility to deform a shape and make our partners look and feel broken.

By taking a simple shape and adding nuance, we can deconstruct the expected result and create a sense of being totally bound in a chaotic and fractured way. Our goal will be to let go of the perfect shape and instead focus on contortion. We will use every possibility; fingers, toes, hair etc to make our partners feel completely tied. This can be a very powerful tool.

We will seek the things that look like they shouldn’t work but do. In some ways, inspired by kintsugi, we will find the beauty in the broken.

About Braxas
I first fell in love with Kinbaku in 2016 when I attended the Kinbaku Dojo Berlin. Since then, my life has been a whirlwind of private tuition, workshops and rope events. I began my journey in Osada style and although I have evolved a lot since then, I owe a lot to the incredibly detailed and thorough education that I received.

To me, Kinbaku isn’t about patterns or pretty shapes. Patterns are a tool, and pretty shapes are the by-product. Kinbaku is about taking your own internal emotional monologue and turning it into an external emotional dialogue. The journey is what matters to me.

– Experience with suspensions and tying in the air
– Models should have a good understanding of nerve risk mitigation
– Excellent suspension line management skills
– Knowledge of body mechanics
– Willingness to think outside the box

Where: “Blízko Sebe”, K dolům 1973/38, 143 00 Praha 12-Modřany
When: 17.6. 11:00-18:30
Price: 2500 Kč/per couple
Bring with you: 8+ ropes, ring or carabinas