Private sessions

If you want to try the feeling of ropes on your own skin, then there is the possibility of having a private session with me. In that case we would talk about your wishes and expectations and if that is something I can make happen for you, we will arrange a meeting together. There we will first get to know each other a bit, talk through safety and limits of both of us (neither I nor you will do anything in the session we haven’t discussed previously) and then we can move on to tying. At the end there will be time to get back to reality and for feedback. Each session is completely unique and it’s only up to you, where you would like to go.

What a private session looks like?

Getting to know each other – 30 minutes

We will begin with a half an hour talk. I will explain everything you need to know about safety, we will discuss possible risks. Next we will look more closely on what you want to experience, how you would like the session to go. Do you want to try out a particular position? Would you like to get to know your body in ropes, discover your limits? Or would you just like to experience my way of tying, leaving the direction of the session up to me?

Most important for me is that we both feel safe, so we will agree on our mutual limits. We will also discuss, how I can tell, that I should slow down/stop. We’ll talk also about how to communicate during the session in general.

If you have any medical or other limitations, we can always adapt the tying to fit your needs. We can for example tie without restricting the chest/breathing, without ropes over the upper arms (e.g., because of fresh tattoos) or anything else. I personally love challenges and adjusting tying to fit the person is something that I’m really excited about.

The session itself – 1 hour

The tying part will last about an hour. There will be nothing that we have previously not agreed upon. If either me or you get an idea during the session for something else that we would like to try, but we haven’t discussed it before, there’s always next time to try it out. I never expand consent during tying since consent should always be handled before the session where our mind is still clear. Tying can be very emotional and under the influence of the hormones and emotions we have the tendency to agree also to activities we would otherwise not consent to.

During the session it is most important for me to build up mutual trust. I need to make sure, that you don’t have a problem to speak up if it’s needed (be it a possible risk, or just being uncomfortable) and you will make sure, that when I get an information, that something needs to be adjusted, changed or completely untied, I will do it promptly, effectively and without disrupting the session. There’s always a way to start again somewhere else and it does not mean that the session is over, unless that is your wish of course.

Feedback – 30 minutes

After tying comes the time to get back to reality. Especially after an emotionally intense session it is needed to just sit for a moment over tea and to not rush anywhere. You will have the space to tell me, what the session was like for you, what you enjoyed and what I can do better/differently next time.

Practical information


The price for 2 hours is £200/ 230.
If we don’t know each other personally I will require half of this amount in advance as a deposit when we agree on the date. This deposit is non-refundable. If you can’t make it to the meeting for any reason and you will let me know sufficiently in advance, we’ll move the deposit to the next term we arrange.

I am available in Prague and Belfast, I rent studios in both cities.

How to prepare for tying
I recommend coming in rested. Also don’t forget to eat and drink properly during the day (but don’t come right after a meal) – as if you were going to the gym for example.

What to wear
Choose anything that you feel comfortable in and enables you to use our full range of motion. It doesn’t have to be gym clothes; it can also be for example summer dress or any loose clothes (let yourself be inspired in the photos). Nudity is undesirable.

If you want me to, I can take some pictures during the session (but remember that I am not a professional photographer and I only take photos on my phone). The photos are only for you and what you do with them is up to you. If you won’t me to take photos during the tying, I will of course respect that, and there will be no photos at all.

Are you interested in tying with me? Text me!

Either on my social media or right here.