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Why Nëya Candles?
When choosing candles for waxplay it’s important to pay attention firstly to the right materials. Human skin is very sensitive and we need to watch out for multiple factors: melting point and chemical composition, not only of the wax itself, but also of possible additives like colorants and scents.

No more paraffin
Most of the commonly available candles (even of those that are specifically made for waxplay) is made of paraffin. However paraffine smoke has carcinogenic properties and is definitely not a good companion for play. Its ecological footprint isn’t good either; paraffin is made from crude oil which makes it a non-renewable resource. Given its viscosity it’s also very hard to clean and for most people its melting point is too low, since even when dripped from close distance the sensation is merely mild warmth.

The candles are made from a combination of two purely organic waxes: bees wax and soy wax. Moreover, pollen is removed from the bees wax, which makes it far safer, since pollen in the wax can lead to burns.

All colourants used in the candles are designed for the cosmetic industry (e.g., making lipsticks or creams). We have chosen the safest composition possible. Our candles are routinely used even by people with atopic eczema. Plus, the colourants don’t leave colour traces on the skin.

All our candles are strictly unscented. Scented candles could be dangerous for waxplay due to the viscosity of the aromatic oils used to create the scent. This can cause unexpected burns as the oil will transfer heat differently than the wax.

We offer three intensity levels. For 95% of people the standard melting point candle is ideal. Thanks to the ability to control temperature by changing height from which you drip the wax your repertoire of sensations is pretty wide. Standard candles are gentle when dripping from the height of one arm but very hot at close distance. Every body part differs in sensitivity and this will vary from person to person as well. Due to this, we offer also weaker and stronger candles. No need to worry, even the strongest products by Nëya Candles won’t cause any burns or other permanent damage to the skin. Melting points of our candles are precisely measured and tested on (our own) skin.

There are 3 size options: thin (55g), medium (135g) and thick (230g). Their lifetimes highly vary, but in general thin candles will last 1-2 sessions on average, medium candles will last 3-5 sessions and thick candles, 5-10 sessions. This will depend on how long your sessions last and whether you let the candles burn on “standby” or not.

The composition of our candles is designed to make the wax easy to peel off and break away instead of being greasy. This makes our candles easy to clean and our higher intensity candles are especially great for peeling off.