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Are you amazed by ropes and would you like to learn how to tie? Perfect! In that case I do offer workshops and private tuition. In both cases we can think of it like the school lessons; me and my partner teach and demo for you and your partner and you repeat after us, learn and ask questions. In terms of workshops there is usualy between 5 and 10 couples present and that makes the learning cheaper but you will get less individual approach. On the other hand with private tuition you are fully in control date and time of the lesson as well as topic and pace of progression. If you plan to go reguraly we can put together individual progression plan based on what is you and your partner’s goal.

Current offer of my workshops can be find in my calendar. Just click on the name of the workshop you are interested in and learn more about it (like price and pre-requsites) on the relevant website.

If you prefer private tuition then all you need to do is contact me here on any social media and let’s schedule a date and time with topic of your liking. If you are yet not sure what would you like to learn we can simply start with overlook on the whole shibari and see what you like first and then deep dive where ever you would like.

Price for private tuition: €60 / £50 per hour

Price for frequent students: €45/ £38 per hour
(you become a frequent students if your last private lesson with me was no longer than 6 weeks ago)

Where do I teach? Depends on the country and city. In Prague I have my own space free of charge so if you travel to me, there will be no aditional cost. If you want me to teach in different city there migh be some extra costs to cover the rent of some space. I travel around the whole europe so take a look into my calendar and see if I am going to travel close by. I am always very happy to put some extra privates in my schedule when I am already traveling.

Would you like to take some privates with me? Contact me!

You can contact me here or on any social media.